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Wyke Green

Terms and Conditions for use of Golf Studio

1. Agreement

a) This is an agreement between You and Wyke Green Golf Club (1996) Ltd (“We” or “us”).

2. Session Timing

a) Your booking will be for the period specified at the time of booking (Your “Session”).

  • If there is another booking directly after the end of Your Session, you must vacate the simulator area as quickly and safely as possible.
  • If there is no other booking directly after the end of your Session, then You will have 5 minutes from the end of your Session to vacate the Golf Studio. If, after this time, you have not vacated the area, then you will be considered to have booked the simulator for another 30-minute Session and payment for this additional Session will be deducted from the credit or debit card used to make your original booking.
  • Only bring your Golf Clubs into the clubhouse when your session starts.

3. Payment

a) Payment will be taken at the time of booking.

b) A reservation will not be treated as confirmed until payment has been made.

4. Cancellation

a) All cancellations must be made:

  • By email to: [email protected]
  • By telephone on 020 8560 8777, option 2, leaving a message if no-one is available to pick up your call.

b) Cancellations shall be subject to a full refund only if made 48 hours before the time of your booking. No refunds will be available in respect of bookings made within 48 hours of the due time.

5. Safety and Liability

a) Whilst we have taken every precaution to ensure that this facility is safe, there remains an element of personal risk associated with using this facility. You agree that you and everyone in your party are using this facility voluntarily at your own risk. We will not be responsible for loss, damage or injury suffered by you or any of your party whilst using the facility however it may have been caused.

b) You agree to familiarize yourself with the Safety Rules (see below) and you will ensure that all people in your party will follow them.

c) You agree to follow the instructions of any member of staff relating to any aspect of safety relating to the use of the facility. If You fail to follow the safety instructions after being approached by a member of staff, you will be asked to leave the simulator room. In this instance no refund will be given for any Session or part of a Session left unused.

d) If You, or any member of your party, is, in the reasonable opinion of any member of staff, in an unfit state to safely use the facilities, for example, as a result of intoxication, you or they will be asked to leave the Golf Studio. In this instance no refund will be given for any Session or part of a Session left unused.

e) If you or we become aware that the facility has become unsafe during your booked session, or that the simulator bay that you are using develops a fault such that it is no longer useable, You / We will inform the other party as soon as possible and You must stop using the facility. If We cannot resolve the issue in a timely manner, We will make full refund to You of any Session or part of a Session not used.

f) You will be liable to Us for:

  • The cost of repair or replacement of any item damaged by You during the use of this facility; and
  • The cost of replacing any item that belongs to Us but is removed by You.
  • The cost of any such repair or replacement will be taken from the credit or debit card provided by You to Us at booking.

6. Smoking

a) This is a non-Smoking facility. Under no circumstances is smoking permitted within any building on the premises.

7. Food and Drink

a) Only food and drink purchased on the premises may be consumed on the premises.

b) We would prefer hot meals be eaten pre or post booking outside the Golf Studio.

8. Clothing

a) No muddy shoes or boots shall be worn on the premises

b) Only trainers or soft spike golf shoes may be worn whilst using the simulators.

c) Golf clubs used within the facility must be clean.

9. Code of Conduct

a) All users of the facility shall behave in a considerate manner towards our staff members and other users of the premises. We operate a zero-tolerance policy towards users who act in an abusive manner to our staff. Any user who acts in an inconsiderate, abusive, or anti-social manner shall be asked to leave the premises immediately. No refunds will be given in this instance. We reserve the right to ban anyone who acts in such a manner from visiting the premises or using the facilities in the future.

b) Removing golf balls and/or any equipment that is the property of Wyke Green Golf Club is strictly forbidden.

Safety Rules

Adherence to these rules is part of the Terms and Conditions and is a requirement of using the facility:

1. Only swing a golf club on the designated hitting mats within the green swing zones. Never swing a golf club anywhere other than in the green swing zones.

2. Shots must only be hit towards the screens and never in any other direction.

3. Before swinging a golf club, always be aware of your surroundings to ensure that no-one is standing or walking near your swing path.

  • If both bays are in use, please alternate shots

4. It is your responsibility to always maintain control of the golf club while you are swinging it. If you release the golf club from your hands at any time for any reason, whether accidentally or intentionally whilst at Wyke Green, you will be held 100% responsible for injury to others or damage to personal property. Therefore:

  • Always ensure that your hands are dry before you grip the golf club; and
  • We recommend that you use a golf glove. If you do not have a golf glove you may purchase one from Us.

5. When it is not your turn to swing, you must remain in the grey area, in a safe distance away from the green swing zone.

6. Always remain alert for errant shots. If someone hits a shot that does not strike the screen first, the ball can travel out of the bay area. Typically, the ball will be travelling at a low speed if it hits the padding but be aware that on errant shots a ball may sometimes exit the hitting area.

7. Shoes are required and closed toed shoes are recommended. Barefoot in the green swing zone is not permitted. (See section 8 of the T’s & C’s).

8. Children under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult as all times. If you bring a child to Wyke Green golf Club, it is your responsibility to watch them at all times. Children can be unaware of the danger resulting from others swinging a golf club around them. It is extremely important for the safety of all users that you are always aware of your child’s location and that you ensure that they are always a safe distance from anyone swinging a golf club. You must not allow them to roam freely around the simulator room or to walk into any hitting bay other than the one you are using.

9. A maximum of 4 players are permitted per session per bay.

Dress Code

We regard ourselves as a modern, welcoming and friendly golf club. However, we encourage all users to adopt a “smart but casual” approach when visiting us and would be particularly grateful if you would bear the following in mind:

Trousers – We welcome jeans but would prefer tracksuit bottoms and military style trousers not to be worn;

Shorts – Please do not wear sports shorts in the clubhouse;

Shirts – No t-shirts with rude or abusive messages.

Shoes – No muddy boots or shoes in the clubhouse. See above safety rules for acceptable footwear when using the simulators.

Caps – Please remove all headwear whilst within the clubhouse.

Mobile Phones – Please keep these on silent or vibrate when you are in the clubhouse or simulator room. If you need to make or take a phone call, please do this on the patio or in the car park outside.