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Wyke Green

Dress Code

Wyke Green looks to provide a friendly, relaxed and sociable environment in which golf can be played and enjoyed.

Members and visitors are expected to wear smart golfing attire or smart casual clothes. We do not think it is realistic to specify exactly what this means but ask that members and visitors abide by the spirit of this code.

On the Course

Golf shoes and golf attire must be worn on the course. Golf attire means clothes that are generally available for purchase in professional’s shops or similar. Shirts should be tucked in.


  • Golf Shoes are not permitted in the clubhouse bar area.
  • Golfing attire or smart casual clothing (including smart jeans and trainers) are acceptable.
  • Dirty or damp golfing attire is not allowed.

Please note, we would kindly request that members do not approach other members or guests if they feel there is an issue regarding the dress code but report it to either the office or house staff for them to deal with.